Personas of Shenton Dixon

Here is where you’ll be able to see the four personas of Shenton Dixon Tribute Artist with the four legends he undertakes to emulate – In action, in concert giving tribute to FOUR great icons !


The Late Great Barry White – Walrus of Love

The one and only Barry ‘Shenton Dixon’ White here in concert being the one and only

‘ Walrus of Love’ as he came to be known. What a treat indeed – If you get a chance to catch

him in concert do yourself a favour and don’t miss out on Shenton Dixon Tribute Artist as Barry White as well

as the icons he emulates.


The Spectacular Stevie Wonder

One of Shenton Dixons regular haunts at the superb Boisedale and in this clip as our beloved

Stevie Wonder – Keep a look out for Shenton Tribute Artist at The Boisedale.


The Gifted Genius that is George Benson

Well what can we say, the smooth and dulcit tones and sheer style of George Benson here

covering his popular ‘Breezin’ track but with an extra little treat for you – See if you can get

your teeth into this !


And finally, the Phenomenal Legend,                                                   
the Great Sachmo,  Louis Armstrong !

Here’s a double treat for you from Shenton Dixon as the legendary Louis Armstrong covering

two of his most popular tracks in full swing – What a performance – We actually felt that we

were back in that era and that this WAS Louis Armstrong ! 

Details of Shenton Dixons various Tribute shows can be found here.